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Chris Lomont's MP3 Tag Editor


<h3>MP3 Tag editor! </h3>
<p>Here are some features and screenshots of my beta Tag Editor. <a href="/contact/">Let me know</a> what you think! This requires .NET 1.1 or higher. Click <a href="tedit.exe">here to download</a> it! (908K) </p>


This software is BETA. Please do not use it on the only copy of your MP3 files. Edit your files with this, and once you are convinced it made the correct changes, commit them to your music collection. I use it on my files and have no problems, but your mileage may vary.

Screenshots and features

Following are screenshots and features. Click the next image for a larger version.

The View panel…

allows you to select what warnings to color for quick identification.

The Colors panel…

lets you select how to color items.

The All Frames panel…

lets you view ALL frames in the file.

The Copy panel…

lets you copy various items from V1 <-> v2 tags, including a smart copy option.

The Filename<->Tag panel…

lets you create filenames and tags from each other using regular expressions.

The Case panel…

lets you automatically fix case errors in many formats.

The Similarities panel…

finds similar items, for example, "The Beatles" and "Beatles, The".

The Tools panel…

contains miscellaneous tools allowing quicker editing.