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The Logitech G15 Keyboard Info Application, Version 0.4

April 12, 2006


Logitech released the G15 keyboard targetted for gamers show below.

G15 Keyboard image


There is a SDK for developing apps to write to the small 160x43 LCD screen. I immediately wrote a system information tool with the following features:

Drive space free in MB and %

Physical memory free in MB and %

Screen resoultion, depth, and frequency

Time, date, and uptime

IP address for active connections

Upload and download speeds

System object counts: Events, GDI Objects, user objects, processes, semaphores, mutexes, and more

Song info for winamp songs.

And some cool visualization stuff (spinning 3D objects, etc).


Here is an 800K animated GIF showing it in action, and here is the LomontG15Info.exeexecutable (70K).


NEW: Here is the much requested source code(124K). It is straight Win32 C++, with a Visual Studio .NET 2003 makefile. It includes all needed libs and headers to compile right out of the box.


To use it - just run the exe from the desktop. To kill it, use task manager. This is a beta version resulting from two evenings work. I will likely not enhance it further.


For more cool software, dig through the software link on this page.


A few screenshots :


G15 Image 1


G15 Image 2


G15 Image 3


G15 Image 4