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Chris Lomont's Sudoku Page




This page is to give away my beta Sudoku program. As of Oct 2005, the first release, it supports creating a random puzzle, helping solve puzzles by hand, undo moves, count number of solutions for creating your own by hand, and a many more options. It can also create larger 16x16 puzzles.

If there is user interest, I will polish it and add more options as I have time. This took about two evenings to throw together, and is functional.

Here is a screenshot. Click here to download the executable file (no installer yet).


The solver is based on Knuth's Dancing Links algorithm, and is quite fast. I will write a more human-like solver later to measure difficulty when I add difficulty on the creation tools.


Sorry for the small fonts - I decided to avoid using .NET to make this run on more computers and be more portable. It is straight Win32 C++.


Please send comments to username "sudoku" at this domain.


Sudoku picture