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Lomont's Lemmings MegaClone v0.21

Version 0.21, August 2007.

This is a Lemmings clone that uses the data from the original DOS Lemmings to run. Currently it is only a graphics viewer and program to explore the graphics decoding. It can successfully decode 6 DOS lemmings games: Original, Oh No More Lemmings, XMas 91, XMas 92, Holiday 93, and Holiday 94.

The original games can be found on the internet, at sites such as www.abandonia.com.

The best use for it right now is that it can decode the images for a game, and export them all as PNG files. See below for more examples.

It successfully decodes all necessary files, with a few minor bugs to be fixed next pass. It handles the MAIN.DAT, VGAGRx.DAT, GROUNDxO.DAT, LEVELxxx.DAT, ODDTABLE.DAT, and VGASPECx.DAT files and their counterparts in each of the 6 DOS lemmings games.

I hope to finish this someday soon, but other items are pressing. The goal is to create a full-featured C/C++ version that is easy to port to other platforms, especially small, low power devices.

To run, unzip the file, and place the exe in a directory. Follow the help tab to install the DOS games relative to the exe in order to decode them and view their guts. Run the exe to play.

May require DLL files from Microsoft, since it was built with Visual Studio 2005 and was written in C++ with .NET 2.0

Click the small image for a larger view of the program.

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Lomont's Lemmings MegaClone Images

Here are some levels decoded by the program:

From original Lemmings:

From Oh No - More Lemmings:

From XMas 91 Lemmings (Sorry so wide - blame Psygnosis!):

From XMas 92 Lemmings:

From Holiday 93 Lemmings:

From Holiday 94 Lemmings:

That's all, folks!