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The 3D LED Cube Videos - Dec 2005


Here are videos of the cube in action, showing some of the various visualizations. There are many more visualizations completed and even more planned. All visualizations are Copyright Gene Foulk and Chris Lomont 2005-2006, and constitute a work of art.


There are final visualizations at our commercial site www.hypnocube.com.

There is rarely some flicker in these videos, due to the interference between the camera frequency and the cube refresh rate. To the naked eye there is no flickering on the cube, and I hope to tweak the refresh rate of the cube to remove it from video as well. Also these are not as bright as the final product, since this development cube has reduced voltages due to my running the cube off a 4.5 V power supply instead of through the regulator at 5.0V. We have tested much brighter LED configurations, but do not have a good video of it yet.

Also, there is some loss of image quality due to my having to shoot one video, compress it, move it, and then after cutting it up, recompress it. This will be fixed later. Plus the codec is not optimal due to time constraints. I'd rather work on building things than keeping this website super smooth :)

Videos vary in length from 1 to 10 MB, and should view fine in Windows Media Player. They are standard AVI files. Click on an image to get the corresponding video segment.


Axes Chaser Columns Corners CubeSlider CubeWalk
EdgeWalker EggBeater FillCube Fire Flicker FlippyCube
Hilbert Line4 LondonBridge Orbit Plane4 PlaneSlider
Plasma Propellers QaudSpin Rain Snake SpinColumn
SpinLine SpinPlane SpinSquare Tetra TriLine Waves



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