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Chris Lomont's LED Cube Page



The 3D LED Cube


The 3D LED Cube was a project started by Gene Foulk and I to create a large, animated, self contained visualization cube of LEDs, mostly for artistic purposes, but it also would have other uses.


Part I is the basic 4x4x4 prototype constructed in the first weekend, and contains some pics and movies from the first image created.

Part II shows a few more prototypes, and explains some of the programming done so far (interrupt driven, 256 color modulated, controls, animation, and debugging support, etc.). Also has a few new movies of the cube in action.

Part III shows more updates.


Part IV shows some nice PCBs we have designed, cases, power supplies, and final items. We also are building RGB cubes now, which are very pretty! Stay tuned for the next installment, where we rewite all the code to accomodate RGB designs.


Videos has many videos of the cube in action. Note these are somewhat dated, and will be updated hopefully soon.


Finally, we sell finished 4x4x4 cubes and kits at www.hypnocube.com at decent prices.


Here is a picture of the 4x4x4 RGB 3D LED Cube in it's case:


We initially made a 4x4x4 256-color (bicolor LEDs, modulated) prototype to test the idea, programming, and design. For some videos of the result, go here. Here is a picture of the 4x4x4 cube on our first generation PCBs:


The extra wires are for programming. The final one will only have power wires.


Here is a picture of my development cube at my desk:



We have acrylic laser cut cases being made so we can make some polished cubes to sell or give as gifts. (Note: these cases sucked! See Part IV for a new case.)


For detailed discussion of the design and construction see Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV. And of course check out the videos.


The next step up will be an 8x8x8 cube based on the same ideas, but using a Gumstix instead of a PIC18F4620. Here is a picture of the 8x8x8 cube after soldering:



Here is it being (slightly) tested. The rest is still in development.




Selling the Cubes


Many people have asked us to sell these, since they are amazingly cool to sit and watch (soothing, geeky - a Lava Lamp for the new millenium?). We currently sell the 4x4x4 cubes and kits at www.hypnocube.com.


If you have some interest in them, order one from that site.


We are also trying to manufacture these and sell them in stores. If all goes well you will be able to buy a finished 4x4x4 4096 color RGB cube retail for under $200. We want them to be hacker friendly, so skilled users can add visualizations and do other things on them. If you can help us get these manufactured/placed in stores feel free to let us know.