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Geometric Algebra Papers

Here I collected many papers on geometric algebra (GA). As I learn them I will place descriptions on this page if I find time. Mainly I placed these items here to give me access to them from a central point as I travel. Most of these people and papers you can easily find on the web using Google.


Title Author Description
Overview papers and talks
Modeling the Cosmos The shape of the universe Lasenby, 2003 Nice slides from SIGGRAPH 2003
Applications of Geometric Algebra I Doran, 2001 SIGGRAPH 2001 slides
Beyond Euclidean Geometry Doran, 2001 SIGGRAPH 2001 slides
Geometric Algebra New Foundations New Insights Naeve, Rockwood, 2001 From the SIGGRAPH 2001 course
Illustration of GA using GABLE Dorst, Mann, 2001 SIGGRAPH 2001 course
Modeling 3D Euclidean Geometry Dorst, Fontijne, 2003 Nice overview of a ray tracer implemented using traditional linear algebra versus one using GA
Introductory papers
Geometric Algebra I, Geometric Algebra II Dorst, Mann, 2003 A 2 paper sequence, good for introductions
Geometric Algebra Primer Suter, 2003 A detailed, easy, long introduction.
NFMPchapt1 Hestenes, 1998  
NFMPchapt2 Hestenes, 1998  
Geometric Algebra the framework for geometric computations Dorst, 2002  
Honing geometric algebra for its use in the computer sciences Dorst  
Harder papers on more specific topics
Differential Forms in Geometric Calculus Hestenes, 1993  
Multivector Calculus Hestenes,1968  
Multivector Functions Hestenes, 1968  
Lie groups as spin groups Hestenes, Sommen, Van Acker, 1993  
Old Wine in New Bottles Hestenes  
Unsorted papers
A Unified Language For Computer Vision and Robotics Corrochano, Lasenby  
A unified language for mathematics and physics Hestenes  
An algebraic foundation for object-oriented Euclidean geometry Dorst, Fontijne  
Circle and sphere blending with conformal geometric algebra Doran, 2003  
GA Treatise A, GA Treatise B, GA Treatise C, GA Treatise D Calvet A four part series on GA
Grassmanns Vision Hestenes  
Hamilton Mechanics with Geometric Calculus Hestenes, 1993  
Mathematical Viruses Hestenes  
New Algebraic Tools for Classical Geometry - Chapter 1 Hestenes, Li, Rockwood  
New Algebraic Tools for Classical Geometry - Chapter 2 Hestenes, Li, Rockwood  
Projective geometry with Clifford algebra Hestenes, Ziegler  
Simplicial Calculus with Geometric Algebra Sobczyk  
The design of linear algebra and geometry Hestenes, 1991  
Universal Geometric Algebra Hestenes, 1988  
Using CliffordGeometric Algebra in Robotics Lasenby  
The Inner Products of Geometric Algebra Dorst  

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