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Super old links page from the 1990s :)


here you'll find some things I use to waste time

I created this page from my Favorites (IE4.0) directory using a small tool I wrote Fav2HTML (C++ source)

Topics: Computer Gaming and Emulation, Programming, Graphics, Math Stuff, Music, Puzzles, Misc

Computer Gaming and Emulation

Arcade Emulation

BETHESDA - Ars Est Celare Artem
Eclipse's Classic Arcade Emulator Page

Baldurs' Gate links

Baldur's Gate Chronicles
Baldur's Gate Dungeon
GAMER'S ARENA - Baldur's Gate Character Editor
Mud Master Beta

Might and Magic series

The Astral Wizard's HOMM II Page

Color Computer (from back in the old days...)

Black Hawk Enterprises
BYTE Magazine - March 1996 - Blasts from the Past - 15 Years Ago in BYTE
Chip directory
Nickolas Marentes Color Computer Workshop
The OS-9� Web Ring Homepage
TRS-80 Color Computer Homepage

For you HP48 fans - find the emulators!

HP48 Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ)

Game News

Sunstorm Interactive Website



Mersenne Twister A random number generator
The rsync algorithm
Erich's Packing Center
bounding sphere around points

Game programming

Gamasutra - The Art and Science of Making Games
Game Developer Magazine Companion Source Page
The Game AI Page Building Artificial Intelligence in Games

3D Engines List


ACIS-STEP tranlator
Alchemy Mindworks Inc
Fractint Homepage
GIMP.ORG - the_gimp the_gimp_about
POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Ray Tracing News Guide
Siggraph 98 Links
The Graphics File Format Page
The Hornet Archive
The IRIT modeling environment
Virtual Reality Polyhedra
Wavelet Resources
Stripe Homepage
Ryan Geiss' Realtime Graphics
efg's Graphics Page
Publications by Title

Graphics resources:

Center For Geometry, Analysis, Numerics & Graphics Main Page
Directory of Computational Geometry Software

Graphics people's homepages

Chris Hecker's Home Page
David Baraff's Home Page
Don Knuth's Home Page
Hugues Hoppe's home page
Jorg Peters
Paul Heckbert's Web Page

Physical modelling

Brian Mirtich's Old Home Page
David Baraff's Home Page

Real3D pages

REAL 3D v3 - 3D Modelling, Animation, and Rendering
Realsoft 4D Home Page
The Home Page of Realsoft-Real3D
The Real3D Webring

Solid modelling

Matra Datavision (North American Mirror Site)
Spatial Technology - The Home of ACIS

NURB stuff

CAD for CFD Surface Input (charlton@engin.umich.edu)
SciMath C-C++ Scientific Math Library
Subdivision surfaces
The Manchester Visualization Centre

Some online papers I found useful

Geometric Modeling -- On-Line Notes
On-Line Geometric Modeling Notes
Chhandomay Mandal's Web Home
UF-CISE 1998 Technical Reports
Interpolating Subdivision
Fast Rendering of Subdivision Surfaces

OpenGL related links

OPC Home Page
OpenGL TrueType Fonts stuff

Math Stuff:

Some algebraic geometry pages

The Wisdom of Hendrik Lenstra
Richard E. Borcherds (Berkeley)

Pi related pages

Pi and Other Constants
Pi big page
The Pi Pages

Mathematica tool pages

Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica

Some other math links...

Mathematical Quotation Server
Resources for numbers
Welcome to Fascinating Folds

Classical MIDI Archives - Mozart
Music of Cyberspace
United Trackers


Cube Lovers Re Rubik's Revenge
Meffert's World of Puzzles -Main Page
Megaminx page
Rubiks Cube Solution
The Ultimate Puzzle Site! (puzzles, quizzes and riddles)
Twisty Puzzles! A gallery of puzzles built in Java (TM)

Other Things I Find Interesting (i.e., unsorted)

Computer Security - Hacking and Hackers - AntiOnline
CPU Central
Hornet Archive - hornet
KNI Rough Guide
Molecular Expressions The Silicon Creatures Gallery (Silicon Zoo)
NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
Paul and Tom's Fun Page

Screen Savers a2z
Steven Wright JumpStation
The Easter Egg Archive - The Most Software Easter Eggs Anywhere
The PC Guide - Topic Index
Tutorial of CORDIC Algorithm
Welcome to Creative
Welcome to the Giant List of Classic Game Programmers

US Chess Federation Ratings

3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures

A cool language

Python Language Website

Some useful company sites

Microsoft Research Home Page
Microsoft Visual C++
Musitek Home Page



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