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Realsoft3D Lego Plugin


THIS IS ALL BETA! Will release when tested better.


Some sample output can be seen on the Clock I page.


An executable that converts a MLCAD file to a textfile is found here(200K). It takes a file for input, and outputs a file "name".txtx in C:\ right now. Will make more flexible later. Then place this DLL(73K) in the plugins directory of Real3D, and open the file.


It works by converting all polygons in the MLCAD file into triangle meshes, and then smooths normals in a manner that keeps sharp creases while smoothing what should be rounded. The result is decent output, even though all the input is polygonal. For example:


This is a sample file rendered, after adding lights and backdrop, of the MLCAD file colors.ldr (500KB).

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