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# Lego Creations

Technic Kit 853 and Technic Kit 854 - Old school LDRAW Files

Feb 2008


In a recent fit of prgramming, I wrote my first C# program, a LDRAW CAD file viewer. For testing it, I used ML-CAD to recreate two LEGO models from my childhood: the Technic kits 853 Car Chassis and 854 Go Kart.


The program and C# source code are available on my software page.


NEW! The Lego Screensaver on the software page is a much improved piece of code. Get it now :)


Here are images rendered in my program (click each for a larger view):



Here are LDRAW and ML-CAD files Lomont-853.MPD and Lomont-854.DAT. Have fun.



Technic Kit 8421 - Mobile Crane

Feb 2008


It's been a while since I doodled with Lego, and recently I bought Technic Kit 8421 - Mobile Crane off Ebay.


First off - the kit is huge. The box was quite large, had 1884 pieces, but was pretty sparse packing inside.



After 8 hours of work, this is what I had: (click for large version)

And here is the mandatory low quality high speed video of me building it (16MB AVI).






Here are my Lego Mindstorms creations:


Walker I

A walking, turning robot. Click picture to see page.
I created this about two weeks after receiving a LEGO Mindstorms set. Several of the pictures are PNG so your browser should support them.




Clock I

A clock with hour, minute, and second "hands". Click picture to see page.
Some pictures are PNG so your browser should support them. This is also the first image I added rendered using the converter software I wrote in C++ (see below for more details)



I plan to add a zipfile of my legOS build system under Windows XP - it works quite well.


Realsoft 3D Plugin

Allows one to convert MLCAD files to a text file, and then import it into Realsoft 3D rendering package. I did this since POVRAY is extremely slow to render, and the quality should be better eventually using Real3D. Click here for details!