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Chris Lomont's Graphics Page


Graphics has always been my first love (and then there came chess, music, math, physics, and computers....) The programs I use most are Real3D and Mathematica, as well as many, many custom pieces of rendering and image processing software. Recently I have written some code that renders the spline outlines of TrueType fonts to make neat animations. I will post the screensaver eventually.... The background here is from a custom OpenGL polyhedron rendering program I wrote for custom animations. Almost every other graphic on this website was created by me. For more graphics - the realtime programming kind - see my extensive software page. ## Misc unsorted images ## Some molecular animations done in Real3D V4 (click name  to get animation - requires Divx;) compression codec)

Brannerite (1.1 MB)


Pyrochlore (1.5MB)


Zirconolite (1.5MB)


Some Real3D animations

Animated columns (9.5MB)

An experiment with metaballs (470KB)


The standard Mathematica knot


An animation done in Mathematica

A torus done in a custom NURB renderer I wrote

A Rendering done in Real3D one afternoon for play


I will post more later as I find time to organize......