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This is my personal website, where I can vent some crazy ideas, give away some software, and have my own internet real estate.

For starters, check out the 3D LED cube project, one of my current playthings.

This page has an overview of the things you may find here. Explore, and turn out the lights when you leave.


Ever since third grade I have been fascinated with computers, electronics, and robots. Most of what I do professionally and for hobbies revolve around this. My most time consuming hobby is programming things for fun, research, and profit. See my computer page for more details.


I love solving puzzles of many kinds: sliding block, mathematical, structural, research, word, chess, brain benders, etc. I once joined Mensa, thinking it would get me more puzzles and puzzle people, but after it did not, I let my membership lapse. 


Besides computers and math, I have a curiosity about how EVERYTHING works. Along this line I studied chemistry, physics, math, computer science, eventually getting degrees in three of the four. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a "scientist," and now that I suppose I am one (I get paid?!), I need more goals. Writing? Kickboxing? You can vote...

What I am getting at is that I am interested in string theory, cosmology, computers, information theory, and only regret not having more time to play with it all!


When not thinking about puzzles, math, computers, and physics, I like to explore many places, from outdoor areas to abandonded buildings and other structures, some of which probably are better left alone. I hope to provide more pictures along these lines.


As a kid I played saxophone a little, recorder a bit more (who hasn't played the recorder?).

As an adult I play the piano a lot. I prefer New Age, Jazz, and some Ragtime, although lately I have been learning some New Orleans style piano, most notably Professor Longhair. I wish I could play like Dr. John (Mac Rebbenack); it is good to have a dream :)

I'd like to learn the guitar (I can play a little Peter Gunn), and Harmonica (Like Elwood Blues).

Here (warning - 2.73 MB) is my current music playlist, generated by my own music tag editor.


I used to draw a lot, and won some awards for my art in High School. After I got immersed in math, though, I have had little time to do art, although I hope to return to drawing and perhaps sculpture someday. My artistic outlet for many years has been computer graphics and my screensavers, so go see those pages.

Purdue math grad students, 1998

A picture of some Purdue Math Graduate students at a local Indian restaurant called Bombay, circa 1998? I have a beard and a vertically striped shirt (now deceased). Click for the BIG PICTURE.